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    Our Mission.

    We strive to act as a steward to the animals that provide sustenance and allow us life and to give back to those animals in ways that provide an ethical and fair way of living. We are dedicated to providing healthy unadulterated food to our community, using regenerative techniques and to constantly improve our pastures in a sustainable manner.

    We are committed to doing things the right way, not the quick way.  Freedom Fare birds are raised outdoor on pasture, allowing them to enjoy a diet enriched by forages and bugs, surrounded by fresh air, sunlight and green pastures.

    Pastured Poultry



       We now accept Card Payments! 

    We deliver within a 15-mile radius of our farm FOR FREE


    Delivery Flat Rates

    <16 miles     = FREE       

    16-50 miles = $15

    51-110           = $30

    >111 miles    = Farm pick up or will meet you at a location inside the 110 mile radius

    Deliveries >25 miles are normally executed on weekends only.

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    Eastern Otsego County 

    Farmers Market 

    May 27th                 June 3rd

    July 8th                     July 15th

    TBD                          TBD

    TBD                          TBD

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