Organically Raised, Pasture Poultry

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    Our Standards.

    We are committed to doing things the right way, not the quick way.  Freedom Fare birds are raised outdoor on pasture, allowing them to enjoy a diet enriched by forages and bugs, surrounded by fresh air, sunlight and green pastures.

    Our goal is to produce delicious chicken using ethical, regenerative techniques, supplementing our birds with strictly organic feed.

    Our Offerings.

    Whole Chicken: Pasture Raised Freedom Ranger Chicken, supplemented with strictly organic feed. 4-5 pounds.           


    (90 Available) Available September 2022.                                                                                              $18*

    Freedom Fare Specialty Whole ChickenPasture Raised American Bresse Chicken, supplemented with strictly organic feed. Flavorful gourmet meat. 3-4 pounds.

    (Please contact for availability) Available September 2022.                                                                              $18*


    PRE ORDER your bird! No Deposit necessary.

    For Orders of 30 or more Whole Chicken please...

                 Call/text Jacob at                                    or send an email to 


    *All prices include processing, packaging and DELIVERY within a 10 mile radius of our farm! Delivery outside of the 10 mile range will be $0.35 per additional mile. We are not mailing out product this season.

    American Bresse VS Freedom Ranger.


    American Bresse and Freedom Ranger birds are both great tasting birds in their own right, especially when they are raised on pasture!

    American Bresse Chickens, dubbed as "the best tasting bird in the world," were first imported into the US from France in 2011 and have sense been raised in the states more frequently due to their impeccable taste. These birds grow drastically slower than the Freedom Ranger, but with time comes flavor. American Bresse are superior in flavor but lack in overall whole bird weight, weighing in between 3-4 pounds. 

    Freedom Rangers are the best bang for your buck. Weighing in at 4-5 pounds and still knocking your socks off in the flavor department.

    American Bresse are a more delicate meat, best cooked low and slow while Freedom Ranger can be cooked as you would normally cook chicken.

    Our Farmer.

    Jacob Rutland 

    Jacob Rutland has had a passion for animals sense he was a little kid. At 19 he got a job at dairy farm and quickly fell in love with 'farm life' , making it his goal to provide healthy ethically raised food for his community and family on his own farm. 

    In 2018 him and his family started their own black angus cattle farm, focusing on organically raised meat. Along with cattle they had a small flock of chickens. Jacob took a focused love of chickens and slowly began his journey of learning all the ins and outs of chicken farming. 4 years later and a lot of blood, sweat and reading he is ready to share his passion.

    What are Cornish Cross & Why Don't We Raise Them?


    Cornish Cross are the breed of chicken you normally consume from virtually any place you get chicken. These birds are cheap for Commerical Farms to buy and raise. They mature in 7 weeks, meaning they are full grown. To put that in perspective, our Freedom Ranger and American Bresse take 11 and 18 weeks, respectively, to mature. Yes, this is wonderful for Commerical Farms........pockets. But is it right for the birds?

    Here at Freedom Fare Pastures, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our meat, but the quality of care we provide for our animals. Cornish Cross grow so rapidly that they have no life outside meat production. Over the past number of decades Commercial Farms have genetically selected birds who show great promise for rapid growth. This comes with a great flaw, they often times develop heart complications and the inability to walk due to their excessive weight. 

    This is not a practice we want to participate in or support, we have done extensive research in finding alternative breeds that produce a great tasting chicken while still being financially fair for you! 


    Raised Right. Raised FARE. 

    Online Ordering

    Thank you for ordering with Freedom Fare Pastures!  ​ We will send a sales order via email (and text if indicated) within 12 hours of your order! We do not collect any payments until delivery/pickup.

    Talk To You Soon!