The South Hill Cabin

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Come experience camping at its finest at Little Farm in the Dell, all while enjoying the comfort of four walls and roof! This 24' x 12' cabin with a 6' x 12' porch interior  One queen size futon with blow up mattresses for more .  This is a great place for  burying your head in a book or relaxing on the couch is  a great way to spend an evening!

The South Hill Cabin rental comes with:


  • Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows for 4

  • Flashlights and Lanterns

  • Gravity Fed Water Container (There is no plumbing)

  • Porta Potty (a short walk outside)

  • A Person $8 additional water tank)

  •  Please note:The cabin does not come with a   heating source .  When available a Buddy Heater can be rented for an additional cost.

  •  Book now to reserve your stay!

Additional amenities are provided at a small upgrade fee. Press              for full list!

The South Hill

Cabin Pricing

1 night - $80

2 nights - $150

3 nights - $220

4 nights - $275

5 nights - $330

6 nights - $380

7 nights - $435

These prices are for 4 people, each additional person is $10 per night.

Enough blankets sheets and pillows will be provided for additional campers*

Check in is on day prior to the first night no earlier than 1 pm

Check out is on day after the last night no later than 11 am

Please call 518-703-4721 for availability and booking!