Agritourism at its finest
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Little Farm in the Dell is hosting a private music even July 18th.  This will be open for our campers.  There will be an extra $50/night during this weekend.  Come enjoy live bands and other entertainment.  Call us to book or for further information!

Open for the 2020 Camping Season!

Meet the newest addition to our Farm,

Norman The Bull!

The South Hill Cabin is ready for the 2020 Season!

Click                for more information

or call us at (518) 703-4721

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Our small farm is home to a number of  barn yard animals as well as countless wildlife! 

Black Angus Cattle - Currently we have 6 cows. They are pure bread Black Angus and Black Baldy Cattle.We raise them organically. We plan to double our herd this summer.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats- Little Farm in the Dell is home to three friendly goats. We have a buck named Gideon and two doe's, Petunia and Lucy. Come on over and get acquainted!

Donkey- We have one very friendly donkey named Eeyore!

Chickens- On the farm we have 20 free-range chickens that produce delicious fresh eggs daily! Eggs are available for purchase while you stay at Little Farm on the Dell (subject to availability).  We have four different breeds; Brahma, Asian Black, Longneck Reds and Leghorns. We will be introducing a new breed spring of 2021 called American Bresse!  

Our farm is also home to abundant wildlife including deer, fox, fisher, turkey, hummingbirds, blue jays, and owls! At night listen to coyotes in the distance as they sing to their brothers.  Awaken to the sound of chirping birds in the morning.  Take a hike on miles of trails and see if you can spot some of these animals or their signs.



At Little Farm in the Dell we understand that folks have different levels of experience and expectations when it comes to camping. To that end, Little Farm in the Dell is a true concierge camping experience. We can tailor each experience to the  comfort level of the party. 

The different experience levels we can tailor to are...

Rustic Camping Experience Includes (All Sites)

  • Potable Water

  • Bathroom (Porta Potty Access)

  • Fire ring (1 wood box full the first night)

  • Picnic Table

  • Daily Garbage Pick-up

  • This is you and the wild in harmony

  • No setup, guidance, etc.

  • Extras available "ala carte"

Per Night - No Charge

Family Camping Experience Includes (All Sites)

  • Includes All of the Above, plus...

  • One Wood Box Filled Daily 

  • Potable Water Delivered To Site (your own container)

  • Cooler with Ice Delivered

  • Four Person Dome Tent

  • Site Set-up and Assistance 

Per Night - $40 per 6 people


Glam Camping Experience Includes (All Sites)

  • Includes All of the Above, plus...

  • Fire Laid and Started Once a Day

  • Laundry Facilities (1 load a day, pick up and delivered)

Per Night - $30 per 6 people​

Please let us know what package you would like to add  in addition to your site at time of booking! Check out the different sites we have with the links below!

Going Up The Country - Canned Heat
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